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Saori Hand Weaving

Blue Patch Handwoven Scarf

I played with a  combination of tencel, orlec, cotton and nylon in light blue, natural and a touch of pale yellow with a couple of stripes and flowing with patches in true Saori Hand Weaving style, unique and one of a kind. Inspired by the snow covered lake I overlook while I weave.

This scarf is soooooo soft , wraps and flows so naturally.

It is 9 inches wide, 66 inches long with a graduated twisted fringe from 2.5 to 4 inches.

Custom Order Place Mats

This is a custom order for 4 place mats.  It begins with choosing the colors and size of the creation and what types of threads to be used.  The threads are then counted onto a warp board, pictured below.



The warp is then removed in braided fashion from the warp board.  Pictured below.


Now it is ready to thread onto the loom, a cross bar is used to keep the threads separated. There are 150 threads that each need to be threaded through individual heddles on two heddle shafts.


Once this is completed both ends of the warp must be attached to the loom and wound at the back of the loom, ensuring no threads are crossed.





Now weaving can begin!