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Chicken Coop and Laying Hens

Fresh Eggs

The black hen lays light green eggs.

Winter 2014-15

In September I added 5 more Bovan hens and the Black Austrolorp hens didn't care for that one bit.  Herded them into corners and not allowing them to eat or drink.  After a week of this I decided to trade 4 Black hens for my neighbor brown layers, keeping one black hen ( they are very pretty ).   That worked out very well but the one black hen I traded turned out to be a Rooster!

All the girls got along well after a few days and egg laying began.  They have done well over the winter, although they don't really care for the snow.  Egg production has been very consistent so far this winter.

Fencing the yard yard

The new larger coop

Inside roosts and linoleum put on the floor
Are on hinges so they can be raised and hooked onto the ceiling for easy cleaning

Nesting boxes

Large window and hatch to outdoor ramp

Smaller window and people door
Now the construction of the outdoor run has begun.
The girls will be able to move in soon.

The New Chicken Coop is still being built, it began after the laying hens arrived.   They are doing well in their temporary SMALL coop though.

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